Martial Arts

The school’s Martial Arts program is brought to us by Syama Mehta, a 4th degree black belt and certified taekwondo instructor.  This program is designed to teach children respect, discipline, confidence, self-control, self-improvement and so much more.  The goal is to inspire each and every child by providing a comprehensive curriculum developed by the American Taekwondo Association.  This program is conducted on Tuesdays, September – May, and takes place after school.  The monthly fee for this program is $55.00.


A fusion of the popular Zumba® fitness program, Zumbatomic® is a fun, high energy child based fitness program.  The children learn the moves of salsa, cubia, reggaeton, hip-hop and more!  Safe and effective, children can’t wait to get into the Zumbatomic® groove.  Taught by Hilary Ackerman, a certified Zumba® instructor, this program takes place in 6 week sessions 4 times during the school year.  Classes are Thursday afternoons after school for children 4 and older.  The fee is $60.00 for each six week session.